Our Security

We are devoted to providing each computer recycling Leeds customer with a service they will be pleased with. From beginning to end, security has been taken into consideration.

Many of the methods of providing this are:

  • None of our staff are allowed to start work until a newly done CRB check has been provided
  • Each customer is issued a feedback from along with the data deletion certificate – if there are any security down sides or things we could improve on, please let us know
  • GPS Tracking locators are fitted to both the vehicle itself and its satellite navigation so if the criminal were very clever and removed one of the trackers, there would be an addition
  • All computer recycling Leeds’ computer networks are heavily protected with firewalls and security systems so no one can access them
  • For each individual collection, a security wipe certificate is provided
  • Anything that holds data is erased or eliminated before it is permitted to leave our premises
  • Large security cages are in use in our warehouse, where only specific employees can access them

Intensive background checks have been undertaken on our most trusted employees:

  • Extremely loud alarm system in place which is linked to the police
  • We have a high tech CCTV system set up which can be monitored remotely
  • Meetings are required for each visit – no one is allowed in uninvited
  • We have onsite security personal who are trained to deal with all kinds of unwanted guests
  • One of our most proud of systems is our intruder wall sensors. Any movement in the walls is detected and reported to security
  • Our security infrastructure is thoroughly tested regularly by our technicians
  • Each computer recycling Leeds customer is asked if they would like a full asset report which is time consuming but we provide it as standard, free of charge.