PC Recycling Leeds

PC recycling Leeds: Your local PC recycling service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

PC Recycling Leeds is completely cost free, no matter what kind of service you require. We do domestic recycling, commercial PC recycling and data centre PC recycling. We do collect and recycle and thing PC related such as laptops, printers, computers, desktop PCs, UPSs, Batteries, Mobile Phones, Photocopiers etc. Data centre decommissioning can be a complex process but we have a team of experts working at PC Recycling Leeds. If you have any questions, we will have someone here who can answer them. We can decommission tape libraries and shred all the media tapes inside them.

PC Recycling Leeds has secure procedures in place to ensure no confidential escapes into the wrong hands. For starters, all our staff are trustworthy and criminal record checked. All our various vehicles are satellite tracked so we can see exactly where they are at all times and if they ever leave our hands, their location is reported to the authorities. All vehicles have additional security locks on the storage compartment which only the driver has access to. Our site is heavily equipped with CCTV, ram proof doors, motion sensors, razor wire etc.

PC Recycling Leeds has the capability of providing storage containers and wheelie bins to repeat customers which allows easy loading and easy storage prior to their PC Recycling Leeds service.

Multiple customers use our PC Recycling Leeds service every day. One customer phoned from a solicitors in Leeds city centre the other day who needed over 30 hard drives crushing onsite which they had already removed and they also required 2 photocopiers and 30 computers along with some misc equipment to be collected free of charge. IT Recycling Leeds were able to collect all equipment free of charge using a 3.5 tonne vehicle with a tail lift along with 2 members of staff. The hard drives were crushed onsite for a small charge and all crushed hard drives were taken back for precious metal recycling. As the customer required their hard drives crushing on the 4th floor service entrance, we were able to set the equipment up, up there but we had to use the customers electricity.