Data Destruction Services

We are available to shred, crush, data wipe, factory reset and degauss your hardware at your site and ours.

Please read through the below list to choose the most suitable method for you:

Hard Drives:

CESG Approved Crushing

Data Wiping


Media Tapes/Video Tapes


CESG Approved Crushing prior to shredding

Optical Media (CDs/DVDs/Blueray)

Floppy / Zip Discs

USB Memory Sticks


Mobile Phones

Data Wiping


Routers/Thin Clients with stored configs

Software reset

Data Wiping

Labels / Company references

Removal & Destruction

We guarantee the destruction of all data stored on anything we collect

At your site Data Destruction:

This service is usually chargeable however discounts or cost neutral options are available for large organisations. Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and requirements.

If you are a large organisation and or process large amounts of confidential data, it is your duty under the data protection act to ensure you securely destroy this information once its retention period has expired. Massive fines / prison sentences / negative press / loss of business await all those who aren’t compliant.

Computer Recycling Leeds are able to:

  • Attend your site within the UK
  • Remove data bearing devices for destruction in a safe and professional manner
  • Data sanitize your data bearing devices via your preferred method
  • Tidy up the site and recycle all hardware and or destroyed waste along with providing all specific paperwork such as a data destruction certificate and audit report

Specific details of this service are:

  • We are able to undertake this service at any point to suit your opening hours / convenience
  • All our operatives are security vetted / CRB checked / certified
  • Training, especially data security and health and safety training and integral to providing our services
  • We have the ability and the expertise to securely destroy any data forms
  • Our data destruction methods are tried and tested and are regularly updated / certified for use
  • We employ experts with vast IT experience to ensure all operations are completed properly

There aren’t any safety risks associated with onsite destruction

At our site Data Destruction:

This involves your collection and associated data bearing devices being removed, handled and processed back at our secure destruction facility.

Our transportation logistics are amongst the most secure available to ensure your confidential hardware arrives safely back at our premises.

We also offer customers the ability to witness your hard drives being crushed or data wiped / media tapes & optical media being shredded etc.