IT Recycling Leeds

IT recycling Leeds: Your local computer recycling service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

Computer recycling Leeds and its associated services such as IT Recycling Leeds are all completely environmentally focused  As we are a computer waste collector and recycler, we are half devoted already.

Everything we collect gets accessed as to whether it is any good for re-use and whether it is completely obsolete or broken, in which case it would be broken down to various components for recycling. Many of the metals end up being melted to be re-used again. Things like CRT Monitors are obsolete and so are broken down at an ATF but newer displays such as LCD / TFT are usually re-usable depending on their working state / condition. As we process much IT Waste for recycling to allow organisations to comply with the waste hierarchy, much of it gets refurbished with our qualified technicians, 60% in fact. Due to this, it allows our recycling service to be free of charge.

All our drivers driving methods are monitored using tracking systems fitted to each vehicle. This tells us what manner they drive. Each is taught not to drive with a heavy foot and not to break aggressively – this saves on fuel and makes the vehicle more efficient. Please take note, many small IT Recycling Leeds collections are undertaken in multiples so for example, more than 1 computer waste collection will be done in one go which makes it possible to do small collections without charging.

Many customers in the Leeds area use us repeatedly. For example a few high schools who all have the same IT Department, initially called requesting about 40 computers to be collected from one school. Our vehicle arrived on time and the driver loaded all computer waste up on his own without any assistance required. The IT Staff politely notified IT Recycling Leeds that there was a photocopier on the ground floor so we were able to bring the appropriate lifting gear to the IT Recycling Leeds collection.