IT Disposal Leeds

IT disposal Leeds: Your local IT disposal service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

Since computer recycling Leeds was established many years back, IT Disposal Leeds has been one of our most successful products. We undertake 100s of IT Disposal Leeds collections every month. As we the only free IT Disposal company in Leeds, it would be stupid to pay for your disposals.

Computer recycling Leeds is very professional in every aspect of business work undertaken and to prove so, we have gained multiple accreditations to standards we work to such as ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management, not to mention our health and safety accreditation – CHAS. But we’re not stopping there, IT Disposal Leeds is working towards ISO27001 and is estimated to be compliant within the next few months.

All our staff are trained to the highest level and the majority have a good background in IT related services including IT Support etc. We even have onsite PAT testers who PAT test all equipment that goes for re-use.

Many IT Support companies in the Leeds area use our services for free IT Disposal Leeds – all their clients produce lots of IT Equipment items and instead of the IT Companies transporting it back to their own site for us just to collect it from there, they charge their clients a small fee and use IT Disposal Leeds to do all the computer waste collections from their clients sites which takes much hassle off their backs and lets them get back to what they are good at which is their main line of work – IT Support. Each customer will receive a unique set of documents including the waste transfer note, hazardous waste consignment notes, asset report and data destruction certificate – all will be available to the IT Support company.

It’s not only IT Support companies that use IT Disposal Leeds, schools, businesses, offices and government departments from all over Leeds and its surrounding areas.

Call us now on 0113 350 8066 to arrange your collection.