Computer Recycling Leeds

Computer Recycling Leeds: Your local computer recycling service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

Computer recycling in Leeds provide a range of data destruction services along with their main computer waste collections. All electrical items such as computers, PCs, Printers, UPSs, Batteries, Laser printers, fax machines, copiers etc can be dropped off at our Leeds site or we can collect from your office location – Armley, Holbeck, Rothwell, Cross gates, Seacroft, Thorner, Peckfield, Kippax, Garforth, Whinmoor, Redhall, Alwoodley, Adel, Guiseley, Menston, Otley, Bramhope, Harewood, Collingham, Wetherby, Baildon, Pudsey, Bramley, Tingley, Thorpe on the Hill, Swillington, Hollinthorpe, Leeds city centre etc.

Computer recycling Leeds data destruction services include shredding, crushing, degaussing and data wiping. All can be undertaken onsite or completed offsite as standard. Onsite, there may be a charge depending on your circumstances such as your location (are you on a 4th floor or high up), what exactly you need destroying such as media tapes, hard drives, floppy disks, CDROMs, DVDROMs and to what standard you need them doing to such as CESG, 10mm shreds, 3 pass wipe MOD. The higher the security, the more we have to charge as it takes longer. We may even be able to do computer recycling Leeds with onsite data destruction free of charge depending on what exactly you need collecting for recycling. Shredding is the best data destruction method for CDs, DVDs, floppies and back up media tapes. Mobile phones can simply be hard reset. Cisco routers / networking items such as wifi routers, firewalls etc can be flashed and reset with computer recycling Leeds but if that isn’t possible, they are physically destroyed and recycled.

All shredded and crushed material is recycled as plastics, various metals etc, so as you see, nothing goes to waste.

Our computer recycling Leeds service, takes away any hassle that you may have to deal with as it is completely free (no invoices / payments), we provide all the documents, we collect using our own vehicles and tools, we do the data destruction and all the asset reporting.

For further details regarding computer recycling Leeds, call us on 0113 350 8066