Computer Disposal Leeds

Computer disposal Leeds: Your local computer disposal service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

Computer disposal Leeds allows all customers to dispose of non hazardous (computer, printers, servers, inkjet printers, cabinets, photocopiers etc) and hazardous (laptops, batteries, displays including LCD, TFT, CRT etc) computer waste in the Leeds area.

Note – if you dispose of greater than 500KG of hazardous waste per year in the Leeds area, you are required to sign up as a hazardous waste producer and holder with the Environment government agency. You can do this online and it costs only £20. If you need any assistance with this, please call computer recycling Leeds on 0113 350 8066. The above items are classed as hazardous due to their lead and mercury content which does considerable damage to the environment if not treated properly.

Each standard waste transfer is accompanied with a duty of care waste transfer note and each hazardous transfer must be accompanied by a hazardous waste consignment note. In addition, if you are receiving hazardous waste at your site, you must complete a hazardous waste return to the environment agency which costs £10 per transfer. Computer disposal Leeds provides all the documentation so don’t worry. We even keep it in file for up to 3 years in case it is ever required.

Computer disposal Leeds and duty of care regulations – all bodies disposing of waste, must comply with their duty of care. This means if you are disposing of waste, it is up to you, to ensure it goes to the right place. For example, if you dispose of a job lot of waste computers, printers and monitors via a computer recycling company that isn’t doing its job properly and then dump them. Both yourself and the computer recycling Leeds company can be prosecuted. Computer disposal Leeds are highly regulated and assessed so you can be rest assured you are complying with your duty of care when you choose us.